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Out of stock

Striped Dress with Laced Top Pocket and Denim Skirt in 2 Color Styles 

Material: Conboy 

Size: XS/S/M/L/XL

Note: The XS-XL size is just for reference. Please check the specific Length and Chest 1inch=2.54cm 

Size       Back               Neck                  Bust  

XS     7.87"/20CM       7.87"/20CM      11.02"/28CM 

S        9.45"/24CM       9.45"/24CM      12.60"/32CM 

M      11.02"/28CM      11.02"/28CM    14.96"/38CM 

L        12.60"/32CM      12.60"/32CM   16.54"/42CM 

XL     14.17"/36CM      14.17"/36CM    18.90"/48CM 


Allow 1-3 cm differential due to manual measurements.

dog size

Note: Due to the different monitors and varying light effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the color picture.

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