A Guide for Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog



Toys are a necessity for your pet. They not only provide comfort and help defend against boredom, but toys can also prevent problematic behaviors in your dog. Toys help dogs cope with their need to chew and provide a fun, engaging way to interact with your pet. As a shop specializing in toys and pet apparel in Georgia, we will share tips on selecting the right toys for your dog:

  • Pick the right size.

    Your dog’s toys should be appropriate for their size and breed. Ideally, the toys should be large enough, so that your dog does not accidentally swallow them during play. For instance, rubber balls that are too small may become slimy during play and slip down your dog’s throat.

  • Choose an age-appropriate toy.

    Adult dogs have different needs than adult dogs when it comes to pet toys. While puppies need toys that are designed for comfort and teething, their adult counterparts are more sophisticated and need toys that stimulate them in other ways. Your adult dog may prefer toys that add a challenge, such as puzzles that offer treats.

  • Consider your dog’s activity level.

    Some dogs prefer active games while others are more docile. Before you visit a pet boutique in Georgia, think about your dog’s activity level. Active dogs tend to prefer hard, chewy rubber toys and tug toys that are durable.

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